Sunday, 2 September 2012

Bit and Bobs, This and That; Geriatric Ramblings.

    Funny old week. Saw my beloved Derby County. They won 5-1. They were brilliant, superb, outstanding, excellent, terrific. (You get the impression they were good!) So why not every week? The frailty of the human condition. Then I saw a performance of the BBC 'Proms' from the Royal Albert Hall on television. Amazingly good, such skilful musicians, wonderful. breathtaking, unforgettable. How clever humans can be, how good life is at times. (As a family we are also in the middle of problems, some close. Serious illness, domestic problems of friends close to us, the effects of unemployment and recession, all are present.) My aging, sometimes less than adequate mind takes it all in, often in the dark, night hours. I have no doubt many of what is left of my readers have exactly the same or similar problems. (Regarding readers I am sure 'blogging' is an ephemeral pastime so I am somewhat philosophical.) But yet again I am left with the old 'What's it all about' syndrome.
    It's over a year since Francois, my wife's mother died. It hit the family badly, she was much loved. I came across Paulette's prayer book she was given at her communion. It is dated 23rd June 1961. The funeral service was the 23rd June 2012. Coincidence, presumably. We brought back to Derby the summer house much loved by Francois. It sits in our garden, a constant, comforting reminder. And the rainbow that appeared one day? you tell me! We all like the thought of 'something else' besides this life, strange and mystifying though it is at times. I confess I find it beyond my limited comprehension.
    Max Bygraves died this week. If there is 'something else', perhaps he's singing away somewhere, always the entertainer!

    Next week, the first day of the rest of my life. On Wednesday I am to appear on the local radio station (Radio Derby) to talk about my e-book. (A Childhood Revisited); presumably my Andy Warhol 'fifteen minutes of fame!


Valerie said...

The summer house is delightful, Ken.

Yes it was sad to hear of Max Bygraves' passing. I couldn't believe he was 89. Time just flies, doesn't it?

If I knew the wavelength for Derby radio I would listen in to your broadcast. How marvellous for you.

Bernard said...

"But yet again I am left with the old 'What's it all about' syndrome."
It's about enjoying ourselves to the full. I try.
I don't usually 'plug' my blog Ken, but I have just posted up two examples on YouTube of me enjoying a good burst on my organ! I was 70 on Monday and, I expect you'll say a 'youngster'. Give it all you've got I say.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Thanks. It went well, my Andy Wharhol minutes I reckon! Yes, the summer house is a reminder of a wonderful person. How many sons in law say that about their mother in law!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Happy 70th.
loved your music playing. Also your blog. You are so professional I cringe with jealousy. Plus the sheer volume, how do you find the time. Good luck and here's to many more blogs.

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