Friday, 24 August 2012

Every Picture Tells a Story.

    I never cease to marvel at the photographic skills of my fellow bloggers. Many are of a professional standard, all are appreciated and much enjoyed; I cannot hope to compete. Nevertheless I always carry a camera, a Canon compact; I feel half dressed without it. If I used a SLR camera I would take far less pictures. The result is I have hundreds of photos haphazardly stored on my computer as my organisational skills are pathetic in the extreme. Many photos are duplicated, equally many are of no long time interest. But some are worthy of a second glance.
    Gardens are a popular photo opportunity. I am smugly proud of my Strelitzia (Bird of Paradise). Amazed that it grows in an English climate, despite my limited skills. It is so breathtaking a flower I confess my tendency to believe in nothing, 'religious-wise' is sorely tested. Surely such beauty can't be a fluke; is there nothing behind its beauty?
    The snail feeding off the flower caught my eye. And why shouldn't it, it has as much right to live and breath (do snails breath?) in my garden as I have. What gives me the right to destroy it, plus it might be one of my descendants, a long, long relation way down the line! 
   Two men, very different. When I was teaching, long, long ago, various pupils used to bring me pictures of the gentleman in the photo. (I have no idea who took the original.) He does, I admit bear a striking resemblance to myself in some respects. He evidently frequented Derby centre and some pupils were adament it was me and could not be persuaded otherwise; embarrassing, amusing, sad. As far as I know he was probably a local character who went by the name of 'Bocca' Wright. I would imagine he has long since departed this life; rest in peace if this is so.
    The red Bentley brought to an evening football match at Pride Park the vice-chairman and joint owner of West Ham Football Club, Derby County's opponents on that particular evening. (Either David Gold or David Sullivan, both own Bentleys, both are very rich men. One owns Ann Summers and Knickerbox; the other allegedly made his fortune by peddling what could only be described as pornography. After the match the car was driven to the foyer entrance; the walk to the car would be all of ten paces. Who was in the chauffeur driven Bentley that night is unimportant.) Life is strange. Did 'Bocca' Wright deserve his derelict situation I wonder. Did the Bentley owner deserve his apparent 'success' in life. And why did I feel the need to photograph such ostentation; so many questions, so few answers.
Two more photos from my collection.
    Long remembered, around sixty delightful ladies and gents, a 'Rock Choir' all shapes, sizes, ages, who entertained us one evening at Derby Theatre. (I do reviews for The Long Eaton Advertiser.) They were vibrant, mobile, upbeat, drawn from surrounding areas, amateurs but much rehearsed. Sometimes, you do not feel like turning out on a damp, dark night, a night by the fire, cocoa at hand beckons. But if you find a Rock Choir in your area, make the effort, you will be pleasantly surprised. And having done so, consider joining. They say life begins at forty; or is it fifty, sixty or even seventy!
    Finally one more picture, of all things a toilet. In a garden centre in the north west; very posh, very unusual, different! (Might have taken some explaining had I been caught with a camera in a toilet) Taken for no deep, serious psychological reason, It just amused me and made my day. (This geriatric is so easily amused nowadays; do you think the dementia's just around the corner!)

Just six photos from many. Any caught your eye. Have you a favourite photo that you are dying to show. A pity to have them hidden in the dark depths of a computer or album.



CWMartin said...

The "Bocca" pic is an excellent character piece, and I would be more worried about walking into a restroom with toilets that looked like that than you being in there with a camera. As for my pics, I make my readers suffer with about 90% of mine and delete most of the rest.

Nota Bene said...

The toilets are particularly you were hoping you wouldn't get caugt taking photos in a men's loo when you whipped out your camera!

Sueann said...

I share most of mine too!! Ha

Judy said...

Nature does such wonderful things with flowers...Amazing...Your photos are interesting...keep that camera handy...

Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden said...

Haven't been over for awhile - nothing like photos of flowers to draw me in :-) And the rest. I try to be very organised with my photos but every time I add a new folder category I have to go another step down the line to file the photos... too clever.

annettesblog said...

Yes, I laughed when I thought of you in the loo with a camera.....
However, love the loos.
As for the difference between rich and poor, hasn't it been that way for a long time???
As for that gentleman he may have wished to live his life like that, many do you know, they reject life, god knows why and he's the only one that does.
Very sad really.

annettesblog said...

Yes, I laughed when I thought of you in the loo with a camera.....
However, love the loos.
As for the difference between rich and poor, hasn't it been that way for a long time???
As for that gentleman he may have wished to live his life like that, many do you know, they reject life, god knows why and he's the only one that does.
Very sad really.
But thats the way it is.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Daft, wasn't I. By the way, been looking at your bottle top pics. brilliant. Who inherits them, I've a similar problem with my 'collectibles.

Nota Bene

I know, wasn't too clever a thing to do!

Sue Ann

Most but not all?


Lady Mondegreen
I have photos everywhere. Lessons in organisational matters needed.

Interesting. Yes, it could have been his choice.Sad thought though.

CWMartin said...

Ken, thanks for the compliment. I think the toilet designers might have been a bit off, but not you being daft. Inherit my caps? They're coming with me lol!

Unknown said...

The red car is a Rolls Roycee, owned by David Sullivan.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Hi, thanks for visiting.
I stand corrected, I can see it is when I look closely, but then I'm not over impressed with flashy people. Are you a West Ham fan?

Anonymous said...

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