Monday, 10 September 2012

Blasts from the past.

We live in clever times and tend to think everything from the past was inferior. To redress the balance, some photos from a Lilliput collection of 1939; the year I was born. War was looming and sometimes shows in the 'humour', perhaps apprehension akin to fear of what lay ahead. Equal to anything offered today, I reckon there is an observational wit and insight in these photos that needs no words. From a time before the wonder of computers and digital cameras.What do you think.(Apologies for my lack of computer skills. You can't expect me to master the light switch AND the computer!)


Friko said...

We have a whole shelf of ancient Liliputs and This England-s too. Beloved has been wanting to get rid of them, but to me they're treasure trove. Clever of you to scan them and reproduce them here. Never thought of that.

Today I've sung the praises of settling comfortably into getting older. Seems to me you have already done that, settled, I mean.

Nice to meet you.

Nota Bene said...

Excellent...many things mature with is the folly of youth that makes them think that only the new is new

Bernard said...

Thanks Ken for you Birthday wishes and kind comments.
It is praise indeed to receive compliments from a retired English teacher and a now respected author. (I only passed English O level at my third attempt.) We had to pass in those days to get to university!
But back to the 1930's.
A great era for humour. Nowadays we mustn't joke about 'fat ladies', men (or ladies) with beards, bald heads or big noses! It might offend. Wow! How awful?
It didn't stop Les Dawson and it won't stop me!
Thanks for posting up those and 'Good health to you and your good lady wife'.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Welcome My motto is ner throw anything away!

Noto Bene

Wise words as always!


I did a theatre review recently.
There were some big girls. I wanted to put 'who ate all the pies' but was advised not to. I suppose they were right!

Unknown said...

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