Monday, 24 June 2013

I'm in Charge. (Not!)

    It is now nearly five weeks since the trauma associated with Replacement Knee Surgery began. Life will eventually return to a state of near normality I hope. perhaps. In the meantime I live in the surreal world occupied by those out of work, retired, very retired, those immobile, indeed anyone not preoccupied by the necessity to leave the house on a daily basis. Jeremy Kyle has become my staple diet. I leave the house infrequently via an  unsprung vehicle, (ambulance) to be  further tortured by attractive ladies in the local hospital intent on returning me to a state of supreme fitness via all manner of machines. (Physios\ Occupation therapists)). Which of course will be very clever as my fitness prior to the operation was by no means 'supreme'. Life is still a hazy, drug induced existence but is getting better so some thoughts on the last four week, in no particular order.
    Drugs ruled\rule; my life, People, other people were now in control. My very existence was in the hands of others. I was in bed; how long decided by others. What to do and when decided by others. (Eat, poo, pee, decided by me. You must be joking!) No alcohol, not allowed; driving, not allowed; over a month of being fetched, carried, delivered. When, how, where decided by others. (The longest I have gone without alcohol for over fifty years! I have lost well over a stone in weight. Amazing!)
I have felt better but not really surprising as my daily intake of drugs includes:
Nefopam hydrocloride
Enoxaparin (an injection)
    All somewhat depressing but hopefully I will look back eventually and smile again at the trials and tribulations associated with spring and summer 2013. On a positive note, I have met people who I would not have met, many worse off than myself. To cheer ourselves up, my wife and I have decided to buy a new car. (Our present vehicle is fifteen years old!) So its into the world of modern vehicles, turbos, sat navs, safety ratings, CO2 emissions, cruise controls and colour coded bits and pieces. Should be interesting! 


Nota Bene said...

I guess they're not getting you to sing and dance to 'Knees up Mother Brown' yet? Hope all those drugs work wonders soon!

Joanne Noragon said...

The new car may be a bigger adjustment than the new knee. Continued improvement to you on that score.

John Simpson said...

Is there anywhere in the UK that you could use cruise control except in the middle of the night?

Lesley said...

As a non drug user, so far, I am amazed how HimIndoors always knows the fancy names and when the things need to be taken. Best wishes for a return to normality.
One name that shone out is what we used to call 'CloppyDoggeral'.
We had to have cruise control and something else on the same stalk of the wheel, but we don't use them. Sort of like trying to get a mobile phone that only makes and receives calls.

Valerie said...

Just think how much more you will enjoy the new car now that the pain and trauma of acquiring a new knee is on the wane. I think you've done well.

Grumpy Old Ken said...


By the way I personally don't 'know' drugs, my wife is in charge of everything!

cogidubnus said...

I share Simvastatin and Clopididogrel with you, but my "thinners" are different. Used to take the Ramipril, but had to get it changed after months of uncontrollable coughing. Your cheerfulness is a bit of a tonic to me Ken...Grumpy be buggered, I find you inspirational!