Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Ground Control to Major Ken

Back in the world of the semi living. Knee replaced 22nd May. Not nice but necessary. What would we do without hospitals. I thought I was important in life being a teacher. Silly me! We are not in the same league as doctors and nurses.
I have never had so many visitors nor popped so many pills. A major reason being the discovery of heart murmur in the pre-op for the knee surgery.(Seemingly an ongoing problem.)  Evidently life is going to be busy in the near future.
I am walking, only just, with 'arm' crutches but surely it can only get better. Life is definitely precious. We two old fogies certainly think so. Will return shortly when my mind is hopefully clearer. Thank you for all your kind thoughts. I hope those who visit me don't feel neglected. Everyone of my followers is valued and all comments are read. Thanks, I am a lucky man in life.


Helen Devries said...

I'm glad you're on your feet again...take care of yourselves.

Anonymous said...
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Valerie said...

Good to hear you're on the mend, Ken. Have patience and rejoice that pills are available whenever we need them.

CWMartin said...

You just take your time and feel better. Can't afford to lose the good eggs like you!

Anonymous said...

I have missed you, but have been thinking of you. Once you are over the post-op pain and difficulties you will be ready for tap dancing and football practise.
Thanks for your kind remark about doctors and nurses, we appreciate them.
Chin up, best foot forward.
Kate in Australia

Anonymous said...
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Melinda said...

I'm so glad to hear that are recovering nicely! I've been missing your posts.

I, too, greatly appreciate doctors and nurses and the vast knowledge and skill they have to diagnose, operate, etc. But, you know, many people along the way had to TEACH them!

Troy said...

I hope you recover quickly in time for Pre-season training at Derby County.

Star said...

All my best for a rapid and good recovery.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Glad the new knee is ok, Ken.
I think you were a VERY valuable member of the community in your teaching profession.

You are so right that life is precious.
Unfortunately I realize this from my own experience, having just lost my dear wife to breast cancer after a 16 year battle.

Keep blogging my dear friend ~ Eddie

Nida Fatima said...

I look up to your writing in awe, and this post, with utmost affection. Thank you for saying such wonderful things about the profession to which I belong, though it is teachers like yourself who mould us doctors into healers.

I pray you recover real quick, because yes, life is precious. :)

Unknown said...

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