Monday, 15 October 2012

And What About the Men.

     As promised a post about the male of the species. Remember, I merely collect articles over a period of time, no order, no particular subject bias. Then I analyse them, tongue in cheek, Grumpy style.
I reckon the first thing that caught my eye was how 'macho' men are; perhaps more accurately, how 'macho' men try to be. The 'extreme anglers' for instance near Bempton in East Yorkshire. the cliffs are huge, but fishing from the top, far too tame for 'real' men. So they descend the cliffs using harnesses and ropes, and at the last section, seven aluminium ladders bolted to the cliff face. Certainly not for the faint hearted. And certainly not for German Alexander Donninger. When his seven year old twins wished to fish whilst on holiday in Austria he bought a filleted trout in Lidl and, by extreme slight of hand, reeled it in at a nearby lake. Only he was seen, reported and the authorities don't believe him. (the evidence has been eaten.) Who to believe; you tell me!
    I suspect that much of man's behaviour is designed to impress; its what they think is expected.
President Putin is always charging around, Rambo style on a horse. (Is the man, like me, below average height by any chance?) And when he's standing still he's showing us one of his collection of watches.
he's got at least six, value £435,000 plus. (income supposedly less than one fifth of this figure.)
    Talking of Rambo, there is a possibility that a new Rambo film might be made, Rambo versus the
Mexican drug dealers evidently. Mind you, they had better do it soon, Sylvester Stallone is sixty five years of age; good luck old fella!
    Most of us, male or female are just happy being 'me' if you know what I mean.
But some, for whatever reason try that little bit harder to be noticed, to be different. The chap in Wales for instance, father of six, divorced who lives as an Apache. He gets a mention from me; mind you, only one line. And the man in court in Cannock who, sent out for wearing shorts, returned wearing a woman's skirt amused me but affronts my idea of basic decorum.
    Some are plain sad, like the town crier in Skipton who, sacked for drinking on duty, insists on carrying on as an independent 'crier'. Talk about liking the sound of your own voice, that certainly takes the proverbial biscuit.
    I smiled at the case of the man in New Zealand who threw an egg at his wife (Ladies, I know I shouldn't) when her pet pig ran amok and damaged his power saw; what a pair. But it wasn't really funny, especially as the egg was an ostrich egg!
    Not funny was the driver, Dutch, who was filming out of his lorry window with his iphone on the M20 in Kent because he liked the 'nice countryside.'
    But certainly daft the burglars who raided a bar at Solway Holiday Village in Silloth. They took the cash machine, emptied it of £615 in pound coins, took them to a local Asda at 5.25 in the morning and tried to change them. 
    There's no 'best' I suppose concerning male and female, just different. though I profoundly disagree with the treatment often meted out to females in some countries in the name of religion. My posts are seldom serious but ignorance never makes anything right. Which in my opinion makes Cecil Chao as daft as they come. Mr Chao is a Hong Kong billionaire playboy with a lesbian daughter in a civil partnership. He claims to have slept with 10,000 women but is not happy concerning his daughter's relationship. 
So much so that he has offered £40 million for any man who will woo his openly gay daughter away from her partner. (Mr Chao has never married but has fathered three children by three different partners.) Not exactly a good advert for the male section of the human race I would have thought.
     I would have also thought Arthur Reid aged ninety of Warmley is more to my taste. He has visited the same pub for seventy two years since turning eighteen. He was a council worker who left school at fourteen and never married. He has drunk an estimated 30,000 pints and has been honoured with a plaque and his own chair. He sounds more contented than Mr Chao!
    So there you have it; just one final thought. According to a Norwegian study, 'Equality in the home' couples who SHARE housework equally have a divorce rate 50% higher than those where the women do most of the work. Perhaps, just perhaps we are put on the earth for different purposes. (Only joking!)


Washington Heights said...

How can that brit government idiot live as an Apache? There ARE NO Americans living across the ocean. Brits are such dimwit apes.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Bit strong, we Brits are not all dimwits! But welcome all the same!

cheshire wife said...

Wouldn't life be boring if we were all the same.

Valerie said...

Sorry I'm late, had trouble opening this post. I kept getting a 'post not available' notice. Now I know that was because I clicked on the post title instead of the blog name. It's never happened before.

I can see how arguments arise (and divorce rates) when man and wife share the household tasks. It takes a lot to agree on how things should be done.

BTW your word verification is really difficult - this is my third attempt to post this comment.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Cheshire wife
Too true. I never cease to be amazed that no two people are exactly the same. Wonderful considering how many people ttere are in the world.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Modern technology!
Re word verification. I didn't know I had one. Anyone out there who can tell us how to get rid. When I do one if its remotely difficult I click ONE letter and enter. It says try again. I keep going until I find one I think I can do! I loathe the things.

Valerie said...

Hi Ken, here's what you do


Go to Dashboard
And then go to Settings
Scroll down to ‘Other’
Select Posts and Comments
Scroll down to where it says ‘Show Word Verification, and change Yes to No.

Good luck.

Saz said...

hi ken, thanks for dropping my Mums/moannies blog

and l live a few miles from figures...i think the americans would say Dumbass!!

saz x