Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Its All in the Mind; Why I've no Idea.

So I do this post, Sunday Roast at the invitation of Eddie Bluelights. (A confession. When Eddie first arrived on the blogging scene, not very long ago, I thought he was something of an upstart. Full of enthusiasm; so keen, so new, so early. I was so jealous; and oh so wrong.) Excellent blogger and prolific with it. Well done my friend. And from this 'invitation blog' came a 'tagging' request from LiZZie' in the form of eight personal facts (of no importance whatsoever.) Which solved the problem of this weeks blog. (Not long ago I thought a 'tag' was something mother stitched into the back of your coat when you were at school.)
Now at the risk of repeating myself, I honestly believe that everything we have experienced in life is stored somewhere in the brain. its all a matter of retrieval. And nobody has yet answered satisfactorily as to where it all goes when the lights finally go out. So before this gets too deep, eight little observations.

1 I have always been absent minded, dilatory, hopeless, even as a child. Why else would I go to town on my bike and come home on the bus. (The bike was still there next day.)

2 But if my memory is so bad how come I can still remember two questions from my 11+ exam of fifty nine years ago.

Question. Yesterday, today was tomorrow. True or false.

Question. George Washington was born, married and died in the house he built himself. Which one is obviously incorrect.

3 On my first day at Woolworth's, seventeen years of age I had no dinner. No-one told me when my dinner hour was. It never happened again.

4 When I was about twelve the chapel I attended (Moravian) presented a Tibetan Buddhist monk convert to Christianity with a typewriter that typed in Tibetan (Made in Derby). I remember thinking, blimey, I bet they don't sell many of those in Derby.

5 I have often been mistaken for Lord Bath. (See blog dated 22nd September 2009.) Funnily enough my parentage is obscure and it was once suggested that my father was 'someone who visited the big house' where my mother was a 'skivvy'.

6 When teaching in the large comprehensive I once told a young man loitering on the stairs to 'clear off' back to his classroom,' and be quick about it Sad really, as he was a 'youngish' workman painting the stairs for the council and was just having a rest.

7 The Berlin Wall came down on my birthday. (November 9th.)

8 The first record on my jukebox is Old Rivers by Walter Brennan. The last is 'Cavatina' from The Deer Hunter, guitar played by John Williams. (And if you take nothing else away from this blog, treat yourself and play Old Rivers.)

I know, I know, what a lot of old cobblers. But perhaps blogging should not be tense, serious and deeply philosophic all of the time. And why should I be the only one to suffer. LiZZie suggests I 'tag' other bloggers. So would any of the following like to have a go. Its not compulsory of course and I shan't be offended if its not your scene. You have been chosen simply because you are new to my blog. And more than likely much more interesting than this foolish geriatric. Anyone else wishing to join in, be my guest.

Gramme's Blog. Mr London Street. Gaston Studio. Molly Potter. A Heron's View.


Jackie said...

I love the song, "Old Rivers"...and always had the greatest admiration for Walter Brennan.
I just listened to "Old Rivers" again...and it never fails to bring tears to my eyes...especially when I hear the break in his voice at the end. Thank you for another sweet memory....a song I hadn't listened to in a very long time.

Molly Potter said...

Ahh, I get it now (I think!) will be a pleasure....

Molly Potter said...

Will be 'tagged' tomorrow...8 insignificant facts about me should be a breeze!

A Heron's View said...

Dear Ken, Greatly amused by your questions, trouble is I can't recall the answers ;-)

I too have complied with Ms Lizzies request and stood to attention whilst doing so; a bit hard to type with the toes but I managed.

AGuidingLife said...

Lord Bath - yes - it has been nagging me for a while!

Unknown said...

Unbelievable that you remember two questions from 59 years ago on an exam!!!

I shall be delighted to accept your tag, Ken and will attend to it in the next day or so.


Molly Potter said...

I liked your eleven plus questions....I wish exams were more like that now.

I believe I have donw what is required re: tagging. Not sure i paint a very savoury picture!

Anonymous said...

Well, I tried to be the first to comment at one of your posts mentioned at Eddie's. But I was beat to it!

This post was hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm really glad you stood to attention and did this! Ever entertaining and interesting.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Teachers Pet
Thanks. walt was a genious there's no one ever taken his place.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Loved your tag. Funny how we develop for better or worse!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Heron's View.
Thanks for commenting. Another complex character I reckon but great with it!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Hi. See blog 22nd September. Mind you, old Bath is five years older than me.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Evidently recent memory is first to go when we start to lose!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

The Things We carried
Thanks. Life is a devil but its there to be laughed at.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Thanks as always and for stretching my brain.

Von said...

Fun idea,good day for a birthday Ken, same as my Scorps!
Can't beat a bit of nostalgia.

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