Sunday, 13 September 2009

If Music be the Food of Love

One might think my interest in jukeboxes would suggest a musical bent in this old codger. Nothing could be further from the truth. True, I once owned a mouth organ, but I never did learn to play it. The same goes went for the ukulele, or was it a banjo I also once possessed. (I wonder what happened to it.) At secondary school the old music teacher made us say 'aahh' whilst he listened intently on our first music lesson. Why I'm unsure, but obviously unimpressed, he relegated me to the back on the singing group in all future lessons.
I remember as teenagers we camped down the fields, complete with an old wind up gramophone. We seemed to have only one 78 record which I played incessantly until I was banished to the outer regions of the field. Mind you, the record was by Josef Locke, and 'I'll join the Legion, that's what I'll do' played ad nauseam can disorientate the strongest of individuals.
I suppose the nearest I ever came to musical appreciation was discussing the merits of Marvin Rainwater whilst puffing Woodbines under the village street lamps on damp November evenings. Plus I did develop an almighty crush on Ruby Murray long before the joys of female pubescent flesh became a reality rather than an adolescents wistful dream.
So we fast forward to 2009 and the joys of jukebox ownership. It is still rather a dreamlike existence. I rediscover boxes of vinyl that I had forgotten I ever owned. (More on this later.)
I now have eighty spaces to fill on my new 'toy'. Someone asked what exactly my choice of music is. A good point; what exactly am I to include or discard. So a question for all my blogging friends and acquaintances out there. What three cd's would you HAVE to put on your jukebox; and for what reason? (Anyone for more than three, feel free!)


Rosaria Williams said...

What a great opportunity you have here. I'm thinking blues.

AGuidingLife said...

eeek: 3 is so hard because what music I like depends on what mood I am in. But I have just flicked through to see which I would grab if I was only given a short time to choose:

Paul Simon Graceland or maybe a Simon&Garfunkel
Dire Straits but torn between Brothers In Arms and Love over Gold
Bowie : Rise and Fall of Ziggy Star Dust

But then that leaves me without any Floyd or FooFighters so maybe I throw in Dark Side of the Moon and The Colour and the Shape

But I love a bit of Rat pack sometimes and life without Motown : eeeeeeek

Look; I have ten zillion pairs of shoes there is no way I can trim down to 3 and music is the same!!!!!!

Bernard said...

I am going to 'pass' on this one.
Why?....Because I could give you list of well over 100 LP's from my collection that I would choose..but..
I cannot give you a reason for choosing them.
The LP's I bought all those years ago were expensive relative to my disposable income. You only bought what you really liked and would listen to over and over again.

Lakeland Jo said...

off the top of my head? Ghost in the Machine- the Police, West Side Story ( original sound track) and Classic Christmas. Reason- three of my long standing personal favourite albums.

ADDY said...

It would have to be i)something from the Beatles ( you can't ignore their great contribution to the music industry in the late 1900s); ii) something classical like Tchaikovsky or Rachmaninov; iii) something from the current pop charts (too many good ones to be able to reduce to just one!!) Sorry, I've just reread your question and realised my answer was more geared to what I would take on a desert island!!

Shammickite said...

So much great music out there, so little time to listen to it all!
Eighty spaces on your new toy .... for CDs or for old style vinyl 45s???
Gotta have the Beatles, and some YoYo Ma, and The Police, and young Elvis, and some Cliff Richard, and... and... and...

Grumpy Old Ken said...


Definitely/probably I've put something bluesy on, I think.


Dire straits, yes. Bowie, yes. Mr Somons, can't place his stuff. Rat Pack, Foofighters, now you young 'uns really lose me!

Grumpy Old Ken said...


So I'm non the wiser on your musical tastes. Except that you sound a 'proper' musical man, I'm very much clueless rgarding musical tastes.


Ghost in the machine. I'll look that up in a minute!

Grumpy Old Ken said...


Very wide choices. I hate to admit it but the charts mean nothing to me now. Except that even I remember vera Lynn!


It plays cd's. There are too many problems re reliability with the old machines. Again, will look up YoYo Ma in a minute!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Isn't blogging educational. I have just listened on the internet to Foo Fighters and then Yo Yo Ma. thanks ladies!

Von said...

What a wonderful opportunity for a healthy bit of nostalgia!I'd go for Dylan,the Beatles,Simon and his mate,Bach,Gregorian Chants and of course Yo Yo Ma.Lucky you!!