Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Creepy Creatures and Sleepy Teachers

We experience thousands, nay millions of events over a lifetime. We can only recall a fraction. though I am convinced all our 'happenings' in life are ever present in the brain. The keeping of a diary therefore becomes useful. Unimportant to the world, but evidence that we once existed. An event from October 1985, completely forgotten, might amuse.
October 7th 1985
We have, for several days been mystified by the appearance on the front windowsill and surrounding areas only, of small 'animal' droppings. Even Richard, more expert than the Stevens family is puzzled. A mouse, or mice is the obvious suspect, though Richard is unsure. A cockroach is possible, though unlikely. Richard suggests the presence of a bat is possible but again unlikely. Sarah in particular warms to this possibility.
For a second and third night the droppings have appeared. The strange thing is that the 'creature' ignores the kitchen area where the likelihood of food would be most forthcoming. I tentatively search behind curtains, amongst books. Skirting boards are minutely examined. Close to the window is a radiator. A view behind the radiator is difficult. What view is afforded suggests murk and mystery. Sarah, after tentative, furtive forays with a short stick behind the radiator is adamant there is a moving, living being resident there! The search becomes amusingly hysterical, with Sarah shrieking, Paulette dancing agitatedly on a chair whilst I poke apprehensively behind the radiator with a long stick. My stick encounters a soft dark 'body'. Sarah becomes even more hysterical. I ease the stick beneath the offending object and carefully, even more apprehensively ease it upwards. It suddenly appears dark and foreboding. 'It' is apparently a pair of child's knickers, left to air at some unknown date and slipping unseen behind the radiator, waiting for discovery. We, Sarah, Paulette and myself collapse, Sarah in particular borders on the insane. Our animal, beast, alien, is, for the time being, still a mystery.
Are the Stevens clan alone in apparently being mystified by all that life throws at us. Surely not!
And in view of recent blogs on losing it, the entry for the day after I find interesting.
Oct 8th 1985
I rush into Derby town centre during my dinner hour to renew my car insurance, but with a different company. Unfortunately I have omitted to fill in the relevant form, fail to take one relevant document and cannot relate either my car registration number or Paulettes age or date of birth! I make no comment!
'So what's new, pussy cat.'


The bike shed said...

Jane and I often laugh at forgotten memories when something prompts us to bring them back to mind. I really should write them down I say, but I seldom do.

Lane Mathias said...

How fantastic to have such well kept diaries.

Did you ever find out the creature was? Or have you forgotten?

Marian Dean said...

As I have probably said before on your blog, I wish I had kept diaries to remember all those past amusing tales of my own. You haven't revealed if you eventually discovered what the ghostly creature was leaving his calling cards.
When my children were little, I was always finding strange looking objects from the back of radiators, the children used to deposit all their crusts they didn't want behind the one near the kitchen table. Pieces of clothing were also a favourite... the boys used to fling their socks in the air on taking them off, how they managed to lodge behind the radiator is a mystery.

Love Granny

Anonymous said...

It was probably some kind of mythical beast or possibly a retired imaginary being...

Shammickite said...

You don't say if the evil beast ever revealed it's identity!
I have notebooks/diaries going back to the 1970s but they are nowhere near as detailed as yours! They simply record doc appointments, school events, huge snowstorms etc.

Von said...

Love it!But what was the mystery creature!?You've left us all hanging in the air now.......

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Its the only time i have ever kept a diary of any length but its a minefield of lost memories.

creature unknown unless it turns up later in the diary!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

I reckon we all share memories if we have been fortunate to have had children.

You and your imagination! Great though!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Creature unknown. Why dont you keep a detailed diary for just one year. then get it out in twenty years time!

And we ner did know, mores the pity.