Monday, 16 February 2009

Who's a Clever Boy

There's no denying it, I'm feeling pleased with myself. After months of frustration I've finally done it. I've put a moving picture onto a blog. Thanks blogging friends 'who have made it all possible.' My technical skills being what they are, without you it would not have been possible.
(Plus my wife has done the actual setting up bit. I am totally incapable. Mind you, there's nothing worse than people who are good at everything!)

I feel like John Logie Baird must have felt when he first sent that picture across the attic room on the 26th January 1926. Ok, ok, my efforts are hardly earth shattering (more like Yogi Bear than Logie Baird) but he, Baird was only thirty seven for goodness sake and had all of his brain. Plus my efforts are hopefully going across the world, not merely a room in the backstreets of London. Who would have believed it of this man! So, for my amusement, and hopefully yours, here goes.
We, my wife and I looked after an aunt in our home for eight years. (From the age of eighty six until she died in her bed aged ninety four.) She arrived at our house, scruffy, confused and hungry, clutching an equally dilapidated eighteen year old cat. They both eventually settled in until the cat inevitably died as old cats do, to leave a gap in the old ladies life. She missed her feline friend and we needed to find her another companion fast. Enter Happy, courtesy of the local Sunday fleamarket, a stopgap of low quality and even lower taste. Happy lived with my aunt for over four years and was still regarded with affection even when joined by another of the living, breathing variety. Well done Happy, you brought pleasure into an old ladies final years. The funny thing was, though he performed on a daily basis, my aunt never ever remembered what a miserable old devil he really was. Try him and see! (If anyone is as remotely bemused by technology as I am, this means clicking on the link, 'Enter Happy.')<


Mean Mom said...

Congratulations on creating your link!

I have to agree that 'Happy' obviously left a bit to be desired, but I don't suppose he scratched the furniture, or the carpets, or sicked up his breakfast whilst you were eating yours. Yes, you've guessed it. I have 3 real cats.

VioletSky said...

I have a cute, battery operated puppy. He yaps, wags his tail and walks, mostly in circles. He's a happy boy. His name is "Useless" (after the dog in 'Monarch of the Glen'). I never have to pick up after him. That part is useful.

Marian Dean said...

Well G.O.K I went and visited. Do you want marks out of ten?
No, I mustn't mock, I remember very well my delight at the first time I did it too... no stop that I mean made a video. You will improve with time.3/10
Love Granny

DJ Kirkby said...

She really liked that thing? This was such a nice post Ken, I really enjoyed reading it.

Kitty said...

That's kind of scary - I thought it/he was in pain! :-O (Did you know that if you copy the 'embed' code (to the right of the YT screen) and then paste it into the html of your blog, you can have that video actually showing on your blog page?

I apologise profusely if I'm teaching you to suck eggs.


Strawberry Jam Anne said...

I'm very impressed that you have created a video link Ken - I've yet to try that.

"Happy" was an acquired taste I guess - pleased though that he made an old lady happy! A

cheshire wife said...

Congratulations on achieving something which I have not even thought to try.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

That cat - "Happy" - is surely the stuff of nightmares. "Scary" would have been a more appropriate monicker. Well done on discovering how to insert something... a YouTube image I mean.

Troy said...

I must learn the art of putting in video links but first I'll have to learn how to upload videos to Youtube. Did you see the Countdown video that your link also throws up?

Robert said...

Sorry, Ken, but link 2 didn't work for me. Said it was private! Perhaps I'm not in your privileged set?

Apart from Kitty's tip for embedding a Utube clip, you can embed a video clip straight to Blogger too, without uploading to Utube. Or am I giving you too much info?

Ladybird World Mother said...

I am very very jealous. Not necessarily of Happy...but of the creating a link thing... am also in Awe. Wherever that is...

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Mean Mom
Three, that's a handfull!

It's amazing what we take to, modern toys are so much more sophisticated.

Only 3! Bit mean after all my efforts!


You are not teaching me to suck eggs! But I'm ever so limited.
I think we tried this and couldn't get it to work.

Don't really know what I'm doing.

cheshire wife
we're getting there but very very slowly.

Not sure who the cat was originally aimed at but the old lady liked it. Re technology will never really get the hang .

We (my wife) did the U tube thing. Took us hours. Can't cope with this modern living thing. First time I have actually seen u tube.

You can never give me too much info but its grasping it thats my problem.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

I reckon most of us would appreciate a night class regarding this sort of thing. I get very frustrated with the technicalities.

A Woman Of No Importance said...

Ken, I am astounded that Happy was a suitable substitute - and that hen on your Youtube site is more than irritating - Does it help or hinder stress levels? - Well done for managing the links - We are all learning more every day - Trial and error in my case - You have done splendiferously!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

The duck was the entertainment at my daughters wedding. Too mean to employ a group!