Thursday, 14 August 2008

All in the Mind Four

Friday number 4

A strange thing seems to have happened. I cannot, at this moment in time recall any instance or happening that I have not already committed to print. I must explain that I have already stored, so to speak a substantial autobiographical work that I wish to publish at a later date. Containing everthing I can or wish to remember up to the end of my teenage years. Therefore virtually everything I write concerning those years I am retrieving rather than considering for the first time. Plus much of this blog already touches on life in the sixties to the present day. Nevertheless what has surprised me, in view of my 'everything is stored in the brain' belief is that I cannot recall anything new so to speak. Another theory seems to bite the dust.
Am I losing it; has my TGA taken its toll; am I experiencing mid life crisis; am I doing too much and need to slow down. Or am I just another silly old devil who, nearer seventy than sixty needs to stop playing the old philosopher and get on with enjoying life in general. I'll settle for the latter!

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