Wednesday, 13 August 2008

All in the Mind 2

Number 2 Wednesday
Teaching was okay as a profession but occasionally it became repetitious and we found distractions to 'pep up' the mundane nature of the lessons. I once borrowed a glass eye, from whom I cannot remember. I found it fascinating, probably in part because I have one eye that is rather 'duff' to say the least. It was discoloured round its edges, the glass eye that is, some sort of unknown stain that added to its magic.
I took it into a lesson one day. I set the class a written test and walked round the classroom. I then proceeded to screw up my face as I pretended to 'lose' an eye. "Get on with your work" I commanded the class as I searched round the floor for the 'missing' eye. On 'discovering' it under a desk I triumphantly recovered it, held it aloft and, with my back to my audience, returned it to its rightful place. Dreadfully politically incorrect, I know, but the class were amused (I did eventually let them in on the act) and I'll bet it was one of the few lessons they remembered from my seventeen year career.
I also took the glass eye home to show my wife. She was quite unimpressed by it, it gave her the shudders. Then she held it up to the light. "What are you doing" I enquired. Evidently she was looking for the hole as she couldn't imagine how they could see through it without a hole! I've never let her forget, bless her.
Recollections from thirty years ago, what brought that memory back I wonder. (This has brought back other teaching memories but via 'triggers' which is slightly different.)

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