Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Flabby Tabs

When we were children we often listened in to adult's conversations, a habit that has stayed with me throughout my life. If we were caught we would be sent on on our way with the dismissive retort, "Mind your own business, flabby tabs." How many recognise the term; I wonder, including our American friends across the water.
Two examples of conversations that recently intrigued. Two well dressed young women were intently examining a shiney new car on a car park as I parked alongside.
" I shan't tell him" said the young lady who was apparently the driver. "I'll wait until he goes off to his golf then I'll get the T Cut out."
Two old men were talking in the pub. Old meaning about my age, heaven forbid. The merits and price of Viagra prescribed by the doctor were the subject of their discourse. I can't remember the exact price but a sum around thirty pounds was mentioned. Unfortunately one of the men was rather deaf, he shouted rather than merely talked, consequently everyone within range listened intently. Evidently the results were mixed, causing him to state, " It were ok, but it only half worked, so I had some more at a reduced rate."
Two conversations, both intriguing both leaving questions unanswered. Who'd be a 'flabby tabs'!


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