Saturday, 26 July 2008

D-Day arrives.

D-Day arrives and I open the gates as arranged at five to nine. I wait and I wait and panic begins to set in. At ten o'clock two of our removal men arrive, unperturbed. A third arrives minutes after. Kendrick, Ken for short, Andrew and Douglas are all of West Indian roots and have a philosophy towards life all of their own.
Ken manoeuvres the large van into position, there are doubts as to whether its roof will clear the carport at the side of the house, the vote is around fifty fifty of all present. No problem, Andrew watches just in case. Only he doesn't watch too closely and a loud bang indicates original reservations were justified. Plan A is abandoned, the van is reversed onto the road to be loaded there, Plan B. Non of the neighbours knew we were leaving; they do now! For the next five hours the men work loading our possessions into the van and out again at the other end; four hours in and one hour out, between cups of tea and fish and chips. They are pleasant, cheerful, amusing, plus knowledgeable concerning removals and very methodical. I am ashamed if I ever suspected otherwise. Dougie, the oldest seems to be self appointed foreman, Andrew is quite the academic and philosopher; Ken is boss and quietly takes it all in, working inside the van, uncomplaining despite the extreme heat.
The job is eventually finished around three o'clock. Seven or eight of our beloved possessions, mainly heavy Victorian furniture are in place plus over seventy largish boxes now wait unpacking. My wife and I are shattered and we have done the bare minimum. 'The Three Imegos' seem unfazed by the whole experience. We, Paulette and I flop down on the settee and promptly fall asleep; Ken goes off to another job. He is also a mechanic and his day is by no means finished.
We could have gone to Yellow Pages for our removal men. Instead Ken was recommended by a teaching friend. We both taught Ken and Andrew in school over thirty years ago. Doug is over sixty years of age, strong, fit and again quite the philosopher. They were all an inspired choice as a gut feeling suggested they would be. A hard day that will stay in the mind, thanks men, you were brilliant.

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