Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Time Flies When You're Enjoying Yourself.

    It's all over bar the shouting. Another Christmas for the scrapbook. Only we don't have scrapbooks any more. Far too old fashioned, too primitive for todays children. Everything is so sophisticated, so technical nowadays. Which indirectly is why this blog is so late.
    I've been doing this blog for over six years. I need this to keep what's left of my brain active. (Companies like Blogger don't help when they change their systems periodical. Its the way of the world I'm afraid.) I've made many friends, seen many changes, unfortunately seen many well known bloggers pass on to wherever bloggers pass on to. Nothing in life stands still, change is inevitable. If all this suggests I no longer wish to blog, not true. At the same time I wish to try new things before  I 'curl up' so to speak, never to uncurl again. With all this in mind I have been frantically trying to learn how to use  UTube, My efforts are crude, amateurish, embarrassing, but they are MY efforts. I hope some of you will find me on UTube. I have done three short pieces to date. Surely they can only get better. You can find me, hopefully on Grumpy Old Ken.


Helen Devries said...

I'll have a go...not that I'm much good with technology

John Simpson said...

Seen all three movies Ken. It is a good start and you appear to be improving all the time. I think that it is always better to record video in landscape mode because it fits on the TV screens better than portrait. I notice that your last video was portrait. Also be careful what else is in the view - such as a bright light above your head. And switching the camera off seemed a bit cumbersome. Is there a keyboard or mouse action to switch off the camera? Hope that your audience builds.

John Simpson said...

You can see Ken's videos here:

YouTube link
to Ken's Videos