Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Old, Me, Who's Told You That!

    We went to see friends recently. Paulette fixed their 'smart' television, which was set up all wrong then she corrected the computer. Evidently it wasn't talking to the printer, whatever that means. My wife is very good with these things; no training but very good indeed. I'm quite envious but quite proud on the quiet. I can use a remote for 'on and off', change channels (I often muck that up) and that's my lot. Smart televisions, I think they mean 'smart-arsed'! And it set me thinking how technology has come on, and, probably more important, how fast it moves on. How the hell do they expect us old codgers to cope.
    I remember my old granny when she first had a television all those years ago. Up would come 'Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible.' Off she would trot to next door to ask them if it was on their television too! One channel, only on for so many hours a day, black and white; as Mary Hopkins used to sing, 'Those were the days, my friend.'
    We used to go scrumping; no problem usually, except the owner might have a dog. No real problem, most of them were daft enough to like the odd bones we 'secreted on our persons'. More scary if an orchard had geese loose. I've had a less than friendly 'peck' on the back of my leg and it doesn't half come keen! But nowadays CCTV's rule the world. Have you never wondered how many times a day you are 'on camera'. Not sure if our anonymous existence wasn't better.
    Keeping up to date with the incredible pace of things today is nigh on impossible for us geriatrics. I understand emails, just, but always do them wrong without 'the wife' being present. Twitter, can't cope with it; and I never did understand hash-tags. Face-Book, not for me, looks far too difficult. Am I giving up too easily. Social life without all the technical paraphernalia, seemingly impossible. Believe it or not, I don't have a mobile phone. How many of you, including 'senior citizens' dare admit they could not envisage ' life without their mobiles'! Am I missing one of the  essentials of modern technology?
    I think most people are afraid of 'losing it'. More important, many imagine they HAVE lost it on occasion. Do you check whether you have locked the door more than once. How many of you 'lose' your mobile phone and have to use another phone to locate their 'lost' mobile? Amusing provided its not you, but a long way from dementia I suspect. I've done daft things all my life. I once went to town on my bike and came home on the bus; plus I regularly used to leave my football boots on the bus into school. Childhood aberrations admitted. But I've got no better with age. On a family 'do' I used the urinal in the toilet. Posh pub, notices ordering you to 'Now wash your hands'. Only when I used the 'blower' to dry hands I was less than impressed. I cursed it as being a letdown in a 'posh' pub until  I realised the error of my ways. Peering closely at the 'dryer' (I had left my glasses in the bar) I read 'Contraceptives, All colours, three for five pounds'.                            
    Am I a dinosaur; is there no hope! Are you all 'with it' individuals who embrace  modern life with all its challenges! What aspects of life do YOU find most challenging. Is it only me that is sent a might bit 'doolally'  by it all!


CWMartin said...

No worries, that's why I had a son!

Star said...

So far, I've managed to cope, even thrive, though I resisted cell phones for a looooong time, until I saw their utility for personal safety (and even texting to assuage guilt at being a few minutes tardy), but I CANNOT get my head around the new Windows 8 system, which is HORRIBLE. They say it was developed for use on "smart phones," so...leave it there! Don't force it on the computer, where it crowds my screen with stuff I don't want, and creates an almost insurmountable obstacle course for getting to what I do want. Anyone from Microsoft out there, listening? Thanks for the soap box!

Melinda said...

I have called my cell phone many a time in order to locate it. However, I don't have a data or text plan. I've thought seriously about upgrading, but realize I don't think I would ever use those options much.

Before I retired, I worked on computers so I feel relatively comfortable with them ( I just replaced my cracked laptop screen - pretty straightforward, really).

I've come to realize that I spend way too much time on the computer with the TV on in the background. I miss reading books (physical ones, never ebooks ), puttering around the house doing things I've let go. I think I will simplify and ween myself from electronics, though not totally. Is there a support group for that??

Helen Devries said...

We have a mobile 'phone...but just to call for a lift when the bus gets near to home....
I think it does all sorts of things but as I don't want any of them I leave sleeping 'phones lie...

Bitchy said...

Don't fell bad about losing your phone I call Wooly's several times a week for him to track it down. Also once I lost mine on a job site, I did not relies it until all the bigger then me bosses was chewing on my behind for not returning phone calls. Oh and lets not think about the time my phone got ran over by a fork lift…lol

I guess I am stuck in-between on technology being good and bad. It is so easy for people to hack other peoples information all thanks to technology. You can stalk someone, watch someone from their own computer without them even knowing. All bad things if you ask me, but I guess I would have to say that if it was not for bad people this bad things would not happen.

On the other hand technology has giving me great benefits that as a child I would have never thought possible. For one I can talk and see my step daughter half a world away in real time. I have an app that reminds me of important dates that I always seemed to forget. I can answer important emails on the spot and not have to be sitting at a desk.

When I first got my very first blackberry I said I would never use all of what was offered on the phone what was the point. Now some times I wonder how I lived without all that stuff. So I guess it is a matter of who is using the technology and for what that determines its worth in life.

Anonymous said...

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Priceless life of mine said...

Hello Ken
Remember the couple you were chatting to whilst parked up in the Peak District and watching the air, sea, rescue helicopter? Well this is the wife! The minute you mentioned you wrote a blog I knew I had come across it on the internet before. I searched your blog out as soon as I got home and blow me, there you were staring back at me! My husband and I have since read so many of your posts with a huge smile on our faces and a giggle here and there and have loved reading everyone of them. As I mentioned to you I write a blog myself(pricelesslifeofmine.com)but I started it really just for me as a sort of journal. You see, I'm no writer, hated English at school all those years ago and sometimes struggle with getting the words on the screen, and I can't just have one big photo album can I? I love your writing style, informative and yet entertaining. I noticed you were on Bloglovin too so I have followed you on there so I don't miss any of your posts. My husband and I just want to say it made our day meeting you and your wife briefly in those peaks. We had gone out for a picnic and peace and quiet and wondered who on earth was pulling up next to us in the racy car with the spoiler and stripes (read that post)You wanted to know where we were from, "Leicester", we said and that was that! We heard about you going to college there, your family and your poorly knee. We were quite reserved when you started to natter but opened up to your lovely nature, chatted right back and are so glad we did. We were talking about you all evening. You made an impact! I can see why you have lots of followers. Looking forward very much to your next post and who knows maybe we'll see you around the Peaks again very soon. We'll look out for the car!
Thank you and take care.
Steph and Nick

Unknown said...

I agree that modern entertainment equipment can appear to be a bit complicated sometimes, particularly the smart TV you mention purely because of all the things it is capable of doing. That complication, in my opinion, pales into insignificance compared with setting up the old VHS video recorder, which was a complete and utter nightmare when they first came out all those years ago.

My failing memory suggests to me that you had to set up specific channels for the recorder to use, tune it into the channels,correctly connect the array of cables into the correct sockets between the TV and recorder (this for me was the worst bit), the instructions for which went on and on and on.

In comparison with the VHS recorder of yesteryear, today's entertainment media is virtually plug and play (if you know which buttons to push that is)

Priceless life of mine said...
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Priceless life of mine said...

ps. mentioned our meet up in one of my latest posts if you fancy taking a look at www.pricelesslifeofmine.com
post is 'Up in the Peaks'

Grumpy Old Ken said...

No personal preference, having said that, I'd love to have had both!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Hi, Star
Does anyone in control of us ever take any notice of us, I doubt it!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Hi, aren't you clever, seriously for mending a screen. I a way, indirectly next but one? blog relates to this ( technology overtaking me)

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Hi, now you can see why I Don't have a mobile?

Grumpy Old Ken said...

You give the impression of someone who is very capable where technology is concerned. Or maybe younger brain cells!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Firstly, apologies for delay in replying. Found your blog very impressive indeed. Yours bags etc particularly interesting. Plus I didn't know of such things as Bloglovin? We olduns ought to pack up and leave it to you younguns!

Grumpy Old Ken said...


Grumpy Old Ken said...

Tried to comment on your excellent blog. Thought I would muck it up and I did! Not sure why!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Ah, I remember them well! You too must be of 'mature years!

Priceless life of mine said...

Hi ken
My comments are done via a network called Disqus rather than google comments. I'd love you to leave a comment so here are the instructions!!!
1. Click on comments at bottom of post

2. Click cursor into the discussion box then click the letter D in the blue circle underneath.

3. Enter your email and password (this registers you with Disqus) click sign in.

4. Bingo, all should be well and you are able to comment to your hearts content! I hope.

Off to read your new post now

Unknown said...

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