Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Have You Made Your Mark?

    Having done over four hundred blogs I have spells where new subjects prove difficult. Then, like buses, two come along together.dx
     I came across a photograph recently. It was in a box with others that belonged to Ida, mey aunt who died some time ago. Now most families 'inherit' boxes of belongings from deceased relations, close or otherwise; most common being photographs; car boots are full of them, discarded with little feeling. In Ida's box, photos of people long gone, and of trips made in Ida's time at least to 'not so far away places'. Family photos, nostalgic, unexceptional and unimportant. Friends through the ages, part of Ida's life, from the proverbial 'cradle to the grave'.
    I glanced through the collection, interested, but only up to a point. For, sadly we tend to be more interested in ourselves. Life moves on, taking us with it at an ever increasing pace.
    One photo intrigued me more than the rest. It took me a while to realise why. In every single photo I could recognise a 'connection', however tenuous; close family, distant family, friends ancient and modern; always a connection. But in one photo only, NOTHING. I do not recognise either person. No clue as to where, why or when. No writing on the back of the photo, nothing; a mystery indeed.
    A bride and groom; or is it 'father' and the bride. (My wife maintains people in old photos always look older than they are!) A wedding and a wedding day, surely. Taken in the 1920's? And that's about it. Presumable now deceased. Are there children or grandchildren around now; nearby or far away? Lost forever; to me and mine; never in fact 'found'. I wonder if they found happiness in their lives. Funny things, photos. Proof that we existed. Millions and millions of us. All passing through, so to speak. (Some cultures are not so keen on photos, 'a photo steals the soul' and all that.) The photo in mind is proof that this couple existed. And now they are gone. A simple truth, in the great 'history of the world'; how odd, how sad.  
Do you relate to all this. Is your life organised, complete, totally in order. Or does your life, like mine contain missing links. Will people know of your existence in a hundred years hence. Perhaps more important, do you care!
    Probably because I'm thinking of too many daft things and not looking what I'm doing I fell down! In the kitchen. After I'd been to the pub and no, I wasn't drunk! I'm very unstable still after my operation; plus the wrong footwear; old age and senility, whatever, in the blink of an eye I was on the floor, shaken, not stirred so to speak. I try to be positive in life ; in this case scenario, I realised nothing appeared seriously damaged, apart from my pride. My wife was alarmed, naturally I suppose. 'Cat' surveyed me with interest. He licked my face and fingers then decided to sit, obviously comfortably on my chest. (Fact, this cat NEVER sits merely on the floor, he sits on ANYTHING that is not mere floor. His history is unknown; where has he learnt this habit, I wonder.) 
    It's special, in a way lying on a floor. You can actually see where the draught you feel so often in the lounge comes from; under the kitchen door. You can see under the radiator: bits of toast, plenty of fluff, a dirty knife, fork and a a spoon; disgusting! All very interesting but not a patch on television. Plus I was on my way to the toilet. And at my age, when you've got to go, you've got to go!
   Now I can't get myself to the 'perpendicular' once I'm on the floor. And although I'm not particularly big my wife has no chance of lifting me. Could be awkward. Being incapacitated at times is chronically difficult. I do appreciate, though not enough the difficulties those living on their own
on a daily basis experience. I'm lucky, I live at number 29, Gurney Avenue. My six foot son-in-law Simon and family live at number 24! A quick phone call and within the blink of an eye Simon is gently hauling me to my feet. So here's to the next time. Life goes on; we make our mark in more ways than one. What will you be remembered for?


Keith said...

I think I shall be remembered as the grumpy old git who lived at No 125.

"You know old 'whats-his-name' who was always complaining about something or other. Didn't he have a set-to with his neighbours once? Complained about them using their hammer drill on the adjoining wall at 2:30 am? Unreasonable old sod. wonder what happened to him when those men came and took him away?"

Far Side of Fifty said...

I will be the cranky old woman with the blog...you know that I rescue old photos from antique shops and have had some success returning some to family. Yes that is a 1920's photo and I will guess it is a father and daughter and they have just arrived to the ceremony in that wonderful car..or it could be the groom and bride just before getting away:)
Glad you didn't break something in the fall.
Here is a link to Forgotten Old Photos if you are interested. http://forgottenoldphotos.blogspot.com/

CWMartin said...

We used to have a ton of such photographs. My older brother wanted the honor... let 'im have it. Perhaps you should invest in a rubber wallet so you can bounce back up!

Star said...

Love your posts. Fun, funny, thoughtful, thought-provoking. As for the old photos, check out: http://forgottenoldphotos.blogspot.it/

Bitchy said...

I was a very similar conversation with a friend at the beginning of this week. For a short time I will be remembered by only those few close to me that I loved and allowed to love me. After that I will not be even a memory in most peoples mind and thoughts. But I do not fear this or even consider it in life.

I live as if I am a nobody (and I am). I do what I can to help not only people I love but a total stranger in need. They do not know me, my name where I came from or any thing about me. BUT in the long run if I helped one person have a good day. Out of a troubled spot, smile or laugh. That is more then I could ever ask for. Who I am is not important, what I choose to do with life is more important then even myself .

Far side: I have been following you for a while the photos bring happiness to me. Strange that a random photo of someone you do not know could bring random happiness, wake up a strangers imagination. Make a person just go what if? So thank you for doing this for a total stranger.

Grumpy Old Ken said...


Amusing as always. But very true to life.

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Far Side

Yours is a brilliant idea. Will come back to this idea.

Grumpy Old Ken said...


Ah, the joys of getting old!

Grumpy Old Ken said...


Thanks. Will do when I get the chance. Is Star and Far Side connected??

Grumpy Old Ken said...


Very thought provoking comment. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kenny

I was trying to find out what happened to Tony Roulstone and the magic google sent me to your blog. As you may imagine I was dumbfounded, not sure if that is the appropriate word but there your are, to see your blogs and all those years,nearly fifty, unpeeling.

my email is malcolm.millais@sapo.pt

best wishes