Wednesday 26 February 2014

'D' Day Cometh

    Following up the invitation to take part in my experiment (see last but one post,) the day I have chosen is Saturday, March 1st.
    Anyone who follows my blog, regularly or otherwise  is invited to respond. All I require is that you record your day in as much detail as you want. Please do not do anything special for this blog; YOUR day, YOUR thoughts. Your day you might think boring or unimportant but it is important to YOU. It is one day in your life, never to be repeated. One day in a life of probably many, many thousands. (If you live to be 100, you will have lived over 36,500 days!)
    No day, however mundane is wasted; it's lived, not wasted. But every day is a gift in a way. How we use it is up to us, consciously or otherwise. (We don't think about it because most of us assume, rightly or otherwise, that we have more, hopefully many more days to experience.
    I will publish ALL responses as a blog post around a week or so later. You can respond by blog comment, e-mail, anyway you deem fit. You don't have to be one of my 'followers listed on my blog. (I know some of my readers are not listed anywhere.) Length unimportant, as little or as much as you like. I will list EVERY response. I have NO idea how many of you will respond, but if makes you think, good! From wakening up to falling asleep, what did you do on Saturday, the first of March in the year 2014?
Please give some short identity and profile details, unless you're very, very shy! Thanks.
Photos welcome.




Anita said...

This should be very interesting! Maybe I'll try it. I definitely hope to come back to read your results. Good luck!

Helen Devries said...

I'll try.

Mike and Poppy said...

Ken do you have an email address for submissions?



Anita said...

I'll be back to read your previous post that inspired this one. Until then, here's my 3/1/14 day:

Woke up at 6 a.m. Went back to sleep. Got up at 8. Took the dog outdoors to pee. Ate cereal. Sent email to a parent of my daughter's friend to find out when I should pick her up from last night's sleepover. Showered. Responded to text message from another daughter who is at a retreat (she is breaking out in red splotches). Drove to pick up my daughter from the sleepover. Stood in the foyer of the parent's home and talked for 15 minutes. Drove back home while chatting with another friend on my cell (she's giving me pet sitting details and instructions because she'll be gone today and tomorrow). Got home and ate a Lean Cuisine frozen meal for lunch. It wasn't enough, so I heated a seafood cake in the oven and ate it. Put a load of laundry in the washer. Paid a bill online. Responded to a business email. Needed a boost, so I fixed and drank a cup of black tea while deleting several "subscribed to" comments from my email inbox. Read a few blog posts and commented. Remembered your post and began writing the events of my day. Went upstairs to read a book (taking advantage of husband being away at a basketball game, which means that I don't have to hear the sports on TV). At 3:30, I went next door to take the 2 dogs out for a potty break and some fresh air. Back home and had a cookie snack. Took laundry out of washer and put into dryer. Put another load into washer. Went back to reading and recording this long comment for you. Took second load out on washer and put it in the dryer. Helped a third daughter find a present and gift card for a friend whose party she's going to. Microwaved chicken chili and toasted a bagel. Ate it. Ate a bag of chips afterwards. Channel surfed on the TV. Checked on the daughter who went to the sleepover who is asleep on the sofa in the basement. Back to recording the days events. Blog reading. More email inbox clean up. Read book reviews on Goodreads. Added two reviews of books that I've read. Answered text message from oldest daughter is still at a birthday celebration. Answered call from husband who was on his way home and who asked if I wanted a something from Chick-fil-A. Back to reading. Went downstairs to eat the chicken sandwich that my husband brought home for me. Talked to him and listened as he told me and my youngest daughter about the basketball game. Took pills that were in the "Saturday" compartment of my pill box. Went next door to take the friend's dogs out again, along with my own dog. Came back home and continued my day of reading. Updated the events document for you. Back to reading blogs; then picked up a new book and started reading it. Put on pajamas. Back to reading. Fell asleep. Woke up and went downstairs to snack; more like grazing from one food to another. Went back upstairs to bed. Husband was there and sleeping. Turned off lights so as not the disturb him and read again with a flashlight. Got drowsy, switched off flashlight, put it and book on the floor. Fell asleep.

Helen Devries said...

Saturday March 1st

Helen Devries, pensioner, living with my husband and assorted animals in the country in Costa Rica.

Rose at five to let out the dogs and heat milk for the lamb.
Fed lamb, cleaned up after lamb, took a shower and made breakfast.
Read the newspapers on line and caught up with e mails to answer.
Handed care of lamb to my husband.
Coffee made by me.
Prepared lunch....and ate it.
Went down to flop about in the pool for half an hour, then on return did some filing, drafted a letter for my husband's solicitor, went shopping.
On return, made afternoon coffee, cut sugar cane and bananas for the sheep, cattle and horse and fed same.
Caught up on blogs.
Put chickens and ducks into their pens for the night.
Made supper...ate same.
Messed about with clearing up the kitchen which looked like a tip, listening to the BBC on the radio.
Let the dogs out again.
Showered and went to bed at about 10.00pm.