Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Thought I would drop a note to all my husbands friends, Ken is still in hospital having had corrective surgery on his knee on Nov 5th, he is hoping to come home on Wednesday.Rather fed up at the moment and high on morphine ! He keeps thinking he is in a nursing home.He seems to be keeping the ward entertained and the nurses keep saying" he is a character "and asking how I cope !! I must  admit it is quiet here,but I  do get to watch my dvd films on the tv, Ken is not a big film fan especially if it is a complicated plot or over long,.so I am working my way through my collection. Not an over confident driver  I have took to visiting in the evening when the hospital car parks are not so crazy, but it seems to suit us both . I am sure he will be back to regaling you all with his thoughts soon :  Paulette


Helen Devries said...

Thank you for letting us know....I just bet he is keeping the ward entertained!

And I know what you mean about watching what you want...when my husband has been in hospital I have had an orgy of TV watching!

Valerie said...

It was so kind of you to let us know about Ken. I imagine those nurses get plenty of laughs. I have to visit my hubby in hospital and opt for afternoon visits since driving at night isn't as comfortable as it once was. It took me a while to sort out the car parks though, getting a spot is useless unless I go really, really early. Best wishes to Ken, please tell him he's missed in blogland. Take care of yourself, too.

CWMartin said...

Let him know we are thinking of him- some of us will be (still) praying as well.

Bitchy said...

I was starting to wounder what the??? Glad to know what was up. Sending healing vibes for Ken and for you.

Eddie Bluelights said...

Thanks for letting us know how Ken is managing. Hope he is restored to his former glory soon. Please pass on my very best wishes.

Melinda said...

Thank you so much for your post! I had been wondering why Ken had not published anything for a while. Hopefully the surgery will give him relief from the pain and discomfort he was suffering. I'm sending positive thoughts and well wishes from the States to you both!

Nota Bene said...

Good luck Ken, thanks Paulette for keeping us posted. His blog is always a magical read.

Anonymous said...

Tell him to man up and post something.
Only joking tell him Jason enquires about him & sends kind regards
He is really jovial ken from my observations.

Best of luck in your recovery

Unknown said...

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