Monday, 14 January 2013

Thoughts of a Nobody from Nowhere Important.

    I'm never sure whether the next post will come easily. Do you have the same problem? My life smacks of a somewhat repetitive humdrum existence (my choice in the main) so finding something of interest is often difficult. Today's 'action' on which to 'pontificate' thus was gratefully received.
    I happened to see the BBC's Star Gazing Live 'starring' Professor Brian Cox. (It coincided with Derby University unveiling a copy of Sir William Herschel's (1738-1822, the discoverer of Uranus and its moons.) telescope that has been proudly built on the university campus.) Wonderful except that fog prevented any view of a single star! We might be clever, but control of the weather has a long way to go.The models of the universe were brilliantly done, I learnt things (you must never stop learning) that made me view things in a different light.
    I looked up some facts and figures. Mostly beyond this geriatric's comprehension; the following has stayed with me.
    Out there is our universe. There are billions, not millions of stars in the Milky Way of which we are apparently a part. There are close to a trillion galaxies and that's just in the Observable Universe. The universe is around 13.75 billion years old; I'm 73 years old by the way, years that is! The edge of the Observable Universe is about 46-47 billion light years away. (Some parts of the universe are probably, since the Big Bang, too far away for the light emitted to have arrived yet.) From earth to the edge of our known Observable Universe is 46 billion light years in any direction. (Religious people, did God create all of the aforementioned, or just earth, the place on which we reside?) One other statistic stays in my mind. Evidently an Apophis Asteroid is going to collide with earth in 2036. Not 2022, 2032, 2042 but 2036.I find such knowledge mind bendingly difficult to take in. As I say so many times, 'What's it all about, Alfie!'
    My family and I (how very Royal) travelled to St Anne's for the weekend. A distance of around 115 miles each way. We visited Fleetwood, Blackpool and Lytham; all very enjoyable, quite an adventure. It made me aware what a confined, cocooned existence we live nowadays, my wife and I.

I live in a bungalow on the outskirts of the town of Derby. In a normal month I will shop, visit doctors and dentists, the theatre, the library, the pub and friends etc within a five mile radious. Some days I will write, eat and sleep solely within the confines of my home and garden; all within around thirty paces.  I have one daughter and family who lives in the same street; their house is around one hundred yards away, (Note, no metres allowed in my life!) Within the year I will visit places of interest but it is unlikely any place will be over two hundred miles from home. No criticism of any of you leading exciting lives or visiting exotic places. My life might, to some, be somewhat pointless, but is, after all, my life. I hope you are as happy and at peace with the world as myself.
      Life is for enjoying, not to be taken too seriously;  if we can raise a smile and help each other, how ever parochial as we pass through, that is indeed a bonus. My/our purchases from our recent excursions might give food for thought.  The photograph was taken in Blackpool's Madame Tussauds. I know, I know Christmas has come and gone but we couldn't resist the reindeer. One final thought. As I moved 'Santa' from the shop, the two of us seemed to cause both consternation and hilarity as I carried him to my vehicle. Come to think of it, my appearance seemed to attract comment as I wandered around the north west! But never mind, if insignificant me can bring a little cheer, why not indeed!


CWMartin said...

Non- religious person, "God created the HEAVENS AND THE EARTH." That He concentrated His love in one small spot is part of the amazingness of His power and grace.

Julia Bentley said...

"confined, cocooned existence we live" Me too my too

Valerie said...

Love the beard, Ken.

Great post, although the bit about galaxies just sailed over my head. The brain refuses to go too deep these days.... grins.

Sueann said...

Santa!!!!! You look just like kids follow you around? Ha!!
Love your Santa figure...he is so cute!

Anonymous said...

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Eddie Bluelights said...

I love this type of post, Ken, with such amazing facts and figures. I love watching Prof Brian Cox. To everyone, religious and non-religious, it seems utterly amazing that all this could happen by itself and with no-one to set it all in motion in the first place. My own thinking is that we (the human race) are not alone in the universe and that it is teeming with live, some probably very similar to us. There may be another pr many Eddies and Kens out there but that idea does not mean any sort of heresy. For all we know other races in the universe also require a means of Salvation and that right now a similar New Testament (+ Old Testament) with may be occurring right now as we 'speak' and also others will be wondering what happened before the big bang and who put the cosmic egg there in the first place. The distances are far too great of course for ever us to ever meet and discuss this.

A belated Happy New Year to you, Ken.

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Brian Cox - isn't he great!

I find all this talk of billions and trillions and light years mildly disturbing. It is all incomprehensible to me - I simply can't imagine the distances. All I will say is that with all those galaxies out there, it's rather arrogant of us to believe we're the only sentient, intelligent species, don't you think

As to God creating only our Earth - well, to me that rather diminishes him. If you believe in an all-emcompassing power - God - surely he would have to have been the creator of everything?

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Hi there. Hope you're right, Maybe, maybe not!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

We seem to have much in common!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

I too can't take it in. We live in hope I reckon.

Grumpy Old Ken said...


My wife has seen me without the beard but not the grandkids!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

I reckon were all old codgers together, some of us more than others! Your grasp of things I reckon is superior to mine. It is all clever stuff though.

Anonymous said...

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