Tuesday, 19 June 2012


    At last, its finished! My ebook, A Childhood Revisited, the culmination of goodness knows how many years work has finally 'hit the shelves'. It might be good, bad or indifferent, in a way I don't care, all that matters to me is that it now exists.
    I don't know for sure why I have written this book. Partly ego I suspect, the idea that someone might read of my existence when I'm long gone; to prove Ken Stevens was a real living person albeit briefly on this earthly stage. And partly to explain to my children, Alison and Sarah plus their children 'from whence I came'.
    A Childhood Revisited is no Cider With Rosie, neither is the work of Dickens as Britain's finest writer under any threat. Nevertheless I'm pleased to have persevered; am I too old to write a sequel I wonder!
Many people have encouraged me, thanks to you all. The technical side to all this has been mind bending. To Russell, thanks from the bottom of my heart. You have no idea as to how incomprehensible all this has been. (My grandchildren from aged three upwards have more understanding of computers than this geriatric hilly billy!)
    I fully realise my problems are only just beginning. Half the world does not own a Kindle. Three quarters of the age group that might be interested in my story have no access to it; assuming of course that they were ever interested in the 1950's in the first place. Nevertheless I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Any help, advice on 'marketing' gratefully received. Tell your friends and if you fancy reading the first few pages click on the top of my blog where it says 'click TO LOOK INSIDE' for a preview! All previews on the complete book very gratefully received! Thanks.  


Akelamalu said...

Ah you did it! Did you publish with LULU or did you manage to get a publisher?

ADDY said...

I'm having thoughts about publishing a book myself but don't have the first clue how to go about it. Could I be so bold as to ask how you did it - ie do you approach thousands of publishing houses and send in a few random sample chapters or what? You can email me on alcdaz@hotmail.co.uk if you don't want to reply on your blog.

Julie said...

Just bought it! Me and my grumpy old man (should that be - my grumpy old man and I) both look forward to reading it on our kindles ;-)

Ruth said...

Congratulations, Ken! That's quite the accomplishment!

Unknown said...

Impressed! Love your writing style. Hopefully a year from now I will be following in your memoir publishing footsteps.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. What a bloody shame that I won't be able to read it. I only have a Sony eReader and it doesn't read the Kindle format.

Go take a look at my post about it. I cant even read my friends ebooks either!

Grumpy Old Ken said...


A quick note

You know how limited I am technically. The book was put straight on to Kindle, which is ok for a wizz kid but way beyond my capabilities. (You influenced me with 'Kit' more than you know!)

See above. I reckon first write, write and write then worry.
There's lots of info on the kindle sites but I can only follow VERY simple instructions.

My 'mentor' is going to add to this when he gets time.

Thanks! Comments appreciatedthat I may use later very welcome. Enjoy!

Thanks, if I can do it, anyone can!

Rebekah. Good luck, keep me informed. Believe in yourself and you'll get there.


Read your post. Its all beyond me but this is the world we live in. You have no idea how limited I am!

Violetta said...

This is great news Ken! Congratuations - what an accomplishment this is.

I've been looking forward to this since discovering your blog and have just purchased it from Amazon US and will begin it tonight!

(I know you have other US readers so if possible, maybe you might want to add a link to the Amazon US site, too, as when I clicked on your link, the Amazon UK site told me only UK residents could purchase from it, so I just went to US site on my own).

Valerie said...

Hi Ken. Sorry it's been so long since I visited and thank you for visiting me. Actually, you chose the blog that I only look at once a month, it being a dedicated blog to my WI. A Mixed Bag is my normal one. Having learned about your ebook and being the proud owner of Kindle and other eBook gadgets I am going to download A Childhood Revisited. Knowing how well you write it is bound to be really interesting. Take care, Valerie (English!)

Unknown said...

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