Friday, 29 January 2010


The blog dated 16th January concerning posts,whilst of no real scientific importance taught me several things. There are some amazing people out there, the goodwill of bloggers never ceases to amaze. The comments as to why people blog have been warmly received, thank you.
Few if any seek fame. All without exception indicated a willingness to help others. I was astounded at the expertise available on individual blogs. I was particularly impressed with the 'How to Blog' series offered on the blog The Fifty Factor. You learn something all of the time. I did not know, for instance, that it was possible to read a blog without going to the actual blog itself. (Thanks Cathy and Kitty.) I am not ashamed to admit such things. Plus, as a matter of interest, I learnt concerning 'meters/counters'. Due to this blog I now have not one but two. The main thing I notice is that the two sets of 'visiting' figures are not particularly compatible, but it's early days yet.
(I find also it is mainly the ladies who tend to put me right, without dismissive lecturing as to my technical shortcomings!)
I found that the mention of other blogs was gratefully received. So I wonder if my talented friends out there could do something for me. I would like to put at the side of my blog, permanently a triangle, a circle, a square perhaps in which I could weekly put the name of another blogger (each week a different name) who might appreciate a visit. Nothing flash, large or obtrusive, just something instantly recognisable and self explanatory. Anyone out there who can tell me how I go about it? (Or come up with a design.) And if others were to place the same emblem on their pages, how many bloggers would get a welcome extra visitor or two. (There may be such things already available.) Any suggestions gratefully received, thanks once again for your help and friendship.


Sueann said...

The blogging community, on the whole, is filled with those who offer help and encouragement! It is amazing and wonderful!
Can't help you on a badge design..sorry. I would like one for my blog too!?!

gayle said...

You know more than I do so I can't help...I don't even know what you mean about reading a post without going to the blog........I am sure you will get some answers.....there are some smart people out here

MrsS said...

Well here's you thinking you're 'technically poor' Ken, and you're not a bit of it - just on another learning curve (Lifelong Learning!). Thanks to reading through your blog, I've also found out about "The Fifty Factor". I'll now spend another chunk of time looking through that and my poor husband might never see hide not hair of me again for another few days! I thank you. xx

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Thanks. Feel very much a novice but never alone!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

I didnt know this about reading off the blog either1 (See comments by cath etc.)

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Mrs Successful
I've only just got the hang of the light switch!