Thursday, 16 July 2009

Memories are Made of This. July 16th 1985

Not for the first time I browse through the diary I kept in 1985. (The only time since childhood I kept a diary for a whole year.) Not exactly worthy of posterity, I am struck by the mundane nature of my life. I wonder what will happen to the diary, a question partly brought on by a visit to the corporation tip not many minutes ago. Had you possessions that you wished you had kept? Is there anything you are determined will survive your death?
Tuesday 16th July 1985
Deliver and fetch for the Allenton Playgroup. They are dependent on income derived from the Tuesday fleamarket. some of the items appearing on the fleamarket give food for thought. Golf balls, shoes, tools, blowlamps, cookers, mirrors, tins of paint (old), brass fire extinguishers, clothes. An amazing collection of miscellaneous junk, all appear weekly, some individual items regularly.
The spinster lady, Edna who runs the playgroup is very pleased with my efforts in transporting their bric-a-brac. She insists despite my protestations in rewarding me. I imagine a can of beer to cool my thirst. My present turns out to be tickets for Billy Grahams Rally! A kind offer, but hardly my scene!
(This entry reminds me of the time my daughter, Sarah aged around fifteen helped out on a stall on this market. I was pleased at her thoughtfullness and took a camera out one evening to record her efforts. To my surprise and puzzlement several stallholders scattered. I was naive, even aged forty six. Many of the stallholders were drawing 'dole', no way were they going to allow a possible 'benefit spy' to record their earning a little on the side. Oh silly me!)


Reasons said...

Oh dear, the best of intentions...
Lovely to read your diary entry, I'd like more please!

cheshire wife said...

I am sure that in many ways times have not changed - as far as photos and benefit climants are concerned.

Nota Bene said...


Kit Courteney said...

This made me smile.

I'm still trying to get over your Hardnott and Wrynose experience. I was there in Sept of last year for about the 5th time and vividly remember one PARTICULARLY hairy moment in a 'normal' car. In the distance we saw a motor home attempt a small bit of it but it turned round (when it could) and the driver looked decidedly pastey!

Grumpy Old Ken said...

Cheerful 1,2,3
Thanks. will do some more at intervals.

Cheshire Wife
Hopefully most are genuine claimants. I vary between sympathy and annoyance. but we must not become uncaring there but for the grace of god and all that.

Nota Bene

It was a rediculous thing to do. And do you know what, I loved it!