Thursday, 1 May 2008

Count your Blessings

The weather is unsettled and somewhat uninviting. Mother in law is on a visit so we drive to the town in spite of the unsettled weather. A pedestrian crosses the road outside the Cooperative Funeral Parlour oblivious to our approach, my wife calls out in alarm but I was aware of his apparent death wish. Too many Derby residents seem to be either deaf, daft or drunk.
We visit the new Westfield shopping centre, pleasant enough but perhaps today lacking that little extra edge that would make our visit out of the ordinary. We re-enter the main street and a Big Issue seller looks invitingly towards us, quietly uttering, "Sir, madam" in our direction. I avert my eyes and we move on down the street. The two ladies are attracted by a charity shop and the possible bargains within. They enter the shop whilst I stand on the pavement outside. I look up the street. The Big Issue seller continues to offer his wares with quiet dignity.
I have parked a short distance away a motorhome costing over thirty thousand pounds. I have an unmortgaged house, money in the bank and no debts. My clothes are not old and I have more than one of most things I choose to wear. Feelings of guilt and shame envelop me. I walk back to The Big Issue man and purchase a copy of the magazine. He thanks me and smiles; eye contact made I smile back. The sun comes out for the first time in a while and suddenly the world for me at least seems a better place.

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kyozan said...

Love it, love it, love it, love it!
Blessed are the philanthropists because they shall inherit the something-or-other!