Tuesday, 24 June 2008

As Bob would say 'Times They Are A-changin'

I sometimes wonder if there really are two species in the world, 'them and us'. A feeling reinforced by a very recent uncomfortable court appearance.
I have been 'in the dock' so to speak several times over the years but never as a defendant, always to give evidence, even subpoenaed on one occasion. Yet I have never been comfortable, seldom happy with the treatment I received from all and sundry, including defending solicitors. On at least one occasion overcome by feelings of impotency as my word has been challenged as to its truth. I would not dream of lying under oath, the old 'upbringing' thing I suppose. And as to why I should be surprised that others have no such qualms regarding distortions of the truth I have no idea. But there is obviously a lack of morality in some, though not of course everyone than divides society and bodes ill for the future.
We did not enjoy our visit to court. It was extremely costly for a start, no legal aid for us. We were obviously mere participants in a system weighted again ordinary God fearing mortals. Not so our feckless, debt owing contagonists, encouraged I suspect by a clueless government to opt out of responsibility for their own inadequacies.
A learned judge erred on the side of our 'poor' adversaries, aided and abetted by not one but two gentlemen available to those without the means to pay (Yearly continental holidays take, oh so much of your income). It was of course a done deal, the two legal sides had concurred as is allowed, the judge 'slapped wrists' and we were out in under five minutes. (The learned gentleman did say at the beginning our our 'sitting' that he had a telephone engagement in five minutes so that didn't exactly leave time for a lengthy debate!) So who's massively out of pocket due to someone elses irresponsibility, us of course.
Some months ago my wife and I sat on the seafront at Fleetwood, right ouside the magistrates court; we were there many a while. The sea was great and the occasional boats interesting. But neither could compete with the constant flow of miscreants entering and leaving the courthouse.
Laughing, joking, some with cans of beer to hand they entered the building as their turn came. (On enquiry I was told the cans are taken off them but have to be returned to them as they leave the building.) I kid you not. Not all were trustful of the court officials and some hid their 'supplies' in nearby bushes. Which incidentally doubled as a toilet on several occasions despite our astounded presence. No sign of fear, shame, anxiety ever crossed their untroubled countenances. So why were we so apprehensive throughout our visit to court; to be searched for weapons via a scanner I found particularly perplexing. Perhaps we should attend court more often. Lessons from 'regulars' would lessen the aprehension. Perhaps two or three pints of Marston's Pedigree might help; there are toilets INSIDE courts after all. But the answer, I fear probably lies in avoiding the legal professions wherever possible.
I read through this blog and wonder when a blog becomes a rant. It reads like a Daily Mail editorial, worrying for an ex-left winger who thought he was going to change the world when he was twenty five. But Grumpy Old Ken's allowed a grump occasionally. I promise I won't do it too often. Plus I'll let you into a secret. I feel better for it already!

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